UberEATS = UberWIN

by Dadegy
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While on the road with the wife and kids travelling, you sometimes you want what’s easy and convenient.  This is where I discovered the power of UberEATS.  

We were on vacation in Paris and we had a very long day. We didn’t have the energy to go out but we had heard great things about a Vietnamese Banh Mi place. (for those that don’t know a banh mi is all the greatness of Vietnamese cuisine like lemongrass chicken stuffed in a French baguette.)

That’s when I remembered my UberEATS app, I had seen the delivery drivers all over town, I had also seen a code that gave me a $10 discount on my first order.  So we ordered up our food and 20 minutes later it was waiting for us in the lobby.  

Since our hotel was pretty posh (we got a great deal on Expedia, I’ll be writing about that in a future post) i had to come down to pick it up. I gave the driver a small tip and proceeded upstairs with our goodies.  The sandwiches and drinks were €23 but I had a €10 discount so everything was only €13 for our family.  Pretty hard to beat in any big city.  

Keep in mind that UberEATS is only available in select cities right now but they are expanding very quickly in to new ones.  Here are some of the current cities it is available in. 

  • Seattle
  • Dallas
  • New York
  • San Francisco 
  • Paris
  • London
  • Moscow
  • Madrid
  • Stockholm 
  • Sydney
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo

And more here

So next time you’ve done your tourist trekking and are hungry, load up the UberEATS app and check if there are deals in the city that you are in.  Also if it’s your first time ordering then use our promo code and get $10 off the first order.  

Uber eats promo code: eats-jtw4r

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